Dr. Shashi Bhushan Singh

Consultant & Freelancer


The Riddles of Democracy

A Study in electoral process in the agrarian society of Bihar

Democracy is perhaps most debated, criticized, adorned, experimented and abused, than any political system. Historically democracy has survived in the developed cultural realm of the world, but India remains exception to this ‘rule’. This book is the story of the journey of democracy in a society which is not very ‘conducive’ to its growth, stability and survival. The most important issue the book deals with is the way people relate to the electoral processes and mechanism through which they decide their voting preferences. Taking intensive data from a village, and observing last six elections ranging from lower to higher level spread across 20 years; the book throws light on relation between caste and democracy, nature of political will power, and the relation between lower and higher level political processes.

Keywords : democracy, India, caste, agrarian